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Tagalog (Filipino):

Breadfruit tree

Breadfruit meat is slightly fibrous, light yellow in color, and somewhat sweet. Breadfruit with seeds may be eaten raw and the seeds roasted like chestnuts. Seedless varieties must be cooked. The tough core is usually removed, either before or after cooking. The skin should be cut off with an oiled knife to prevent sticking to the latex sap. The interior is often cut into chunks, boiled in salted water, and then cooked in coconut milk. Breadnut and immature jackfruit are prepared in the same way.

You can often find chunks of breadfruit, breadnut, and jackfruit packaged and offered for sale in the markets. It is very difficult to tell one from the other.

Market and storage tips — Green breadfruit should be evenly green. At this stage it can be prepared like a potato. It must be served hot or it will be waxy and unappetizing. Slightly mature fruit has a bit of green color. It can be baked to produce a sticky, fruity, flesh that is spongy like bread (hence the name). The skin of ripe breadfruit is tender and brownish. The flesh is creamy and sticky, starchy, and bland. Avoid blemished fruits or fuits that have a pulpy texture. Choose fruits that are heavy for their size. White speckled patches are normal. Breadfruit is extremely perishable. Keep cool and dry, and prepare immediately when it reaches the level of ripeness you desire.

Cooking — Peel a hard breadfruit, quarter it lengthwise, cut out the darker core. Keep cut-up pieces in water as you work. Green breadfruit may be mashed like potatoes. It can also be french fried. Cut up and pressure cook for fifteen minutes in water. Or, cut up and bake at 375° F. for one hour. Season with butter and cinnamon and/or sugar, salt, and pepper. Peeled breadfruit can also be baked whole for about one hour. Pull out the stem and core (easily), cut in half and season as above.

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