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Banana Bud

Jantung pisang
Jantung pisang
Tagalog (Filipino):
Puso ng saging
Hua plee

Banana bud photo.
Banana bud

The banana bud is normally harvested just after the banana fruits have formed. It is prepared and eaten as a vegetable. The cooking bananas, such as the plantain, produce the best buds. They have the best flavor and texture.

The outer leaf sheaths, and the flowers, should be removed from the bud. The edible heart of the bud is pinkish-white in color. Use an oiled knife to cut the bud lengthwise into quarters. Be sure to remove the hard central core (stamen).

The bud is then chopped and blanched. After blanching, it can be prepared in a variety of ways. We enjoyed it cooked in coconut milk with ginger and peppers. It can also be eaten as a cold salad with a salad dressing.

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