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Bawang putih
Bawang putih
Tagalog (Filipino):

Garlic photo.

Garlic is grown and used throughout tropical asia. The size of the garlic head varies from one region to another. The garlic available in the Philippines have been small to medium in our experience.

Garlic can be eaten raw or cooked. Many regional diets are heavily dependent on garlic as a seasoning.

Market and storage tips — Good garlic bulbs are big, fat, rock hard, and heavy. The cloves should be large and bulging. Never buy sprouting garlic. Squeeze each bulb hard and reject those with soft cloves. Examine skin for traces of black mold. Garlic stores well at room temperature for more than a month, Store in a cool, dry place. Allow air to circulate. Never store in plastic.

Cooking — To peel a garlic clove, cut off the root end, lay it on a flat surface, place the flat edge of a large knife over it, and hit with your hand. The smashed center will seperate from the skin easily.

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