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Bagan Temples

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July, 2004

Burma photo.
Ananda Paya

— Ananda Paya Temple

For us, the Ananda Paya Temple was the most impressive building at Bagan. It was built at the end of the 11th century. It is a massive structure built on a 4-sided pattern, as is typical of most Buddhist temples. There are four grand entrances each facing a central chamber containing one of four immense standing Buddha images. The statues are heavily gilded and are each different from the others. This temple is in regular daily use.

Here are some more photos of the exterior of the temple:

Burma photo.
The unfinished temple

— Dhamma Yan Gyi Pahto

When we arrived at this temple, we found a group of Burmese tourists already here. They were the only large group we met in Bagan. Jim saw them gathered for a group picture behind the temple, and took their picture from a doorway. They spotted him and were very excited to have their picture taken. When we met them later in the temple hallways, they smiled and thanked Jim for taking their picture. This has been a common experience for us in much of Asia.

Nearby to Dhamma Yan Gyi Pahto is another building called Sulamani Guphaya. We again shared this temple with our new Burmese friends. Here are three photos:

Burma photo.
Ywa Haung Gyi

— Ywa Haung Gyi

Ywa Haung Gyi provides some great views of the Bagan plain, especially in the early morning. This is one of the few temples that visitors can still climb. Although this temple does not appear to be in regular use, the Buddha image at its center is still maintained. Much of the other interior decoration has deteriorated.

Here are three photos from the top of Ywa Haung Gyi:

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Burma photo.
The stupa

— Maha Bodhi Temple

The Maha Bodhi Temple is unique in Bagan for its striking design, obviously influenced by Indian traditions of temple building. The interior decorations are also very Indian in color and design (we weren't allowed to take pictures inside). The exterior is plastered, and covered with small niches that each contain a Buddha statue in a variety of poses.

Here are some photos of the exterior of Maha Bodhi Temple:

Burma photo.
Gaw Daw Palin Phaya

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— Gaw Daw Palin Phaya

This temple was built in the 13th century and is very much in use today. We saw a large number of monks and worshipers in this temple, almost as many as at Ananda Phaya.

Here are the photos:

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