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Erawan National Park

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September, 2004

Thailand photo.
1. Kun Lung
Thailand photo.
2. Wung Macha
Thailand photo.
3. Pha Num Tok
Thailand photo.
4. Oke Nank Phee Seah

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Erawan National Park covers about 210 sq. miles of lush forests and steep mountains located about 40 miles NW of Kanchanaburi. It is home to a variety of wild animals and birds. But, without a doubt the most popular attraction within the park is the series of waterfalls and shady pools known as the Erawan falls (see photo #1, at left). The falls are on 7 levels, with the highest level being at the top of a mountain. The trail got steeper as we climbed, and we turned around just short of level 5. Between the major falls are numerous smaller falls and rapids, which are often just as interesting.

Level 2 —

The Wung Macha falls at level 2 seemed to attract the most visitors (photo #2). It had a great pool for swimming, although the numerous fish did seem to bother some people. (The fish "nibble" on exposed skin whenever the swimmers stop moving. They don't seem to cause any injury, but many people were quite anxious about it.) In fact, there are fish in all of the pools and they all nibble on the swimmers. We didn't bring our swimsuits and did not test the waters. The pools did look very appealing on a hot, humid day. Some of the most beautiful views were above the waterfalls.

Level 3 —

The Pha Num Tok falls at level 3 were the highest we saw, but the pond below the falls did not attract many swimmers. We were accompanied by a Dutch couple who climbed all the way up to level 7, and then swam in some pools as they came back down the mountain. Here they are looking at the falls at level 3 (photo #3). Beyond level 3, the trail got steeper, and in some places was replaced by a staircase.

Level 4 —

Even though we were here during the rainy season, there was only a little water flowing over the Oke Nank Phee Seah falls. The pool below the falls (photo #4) looked particularly inviting, but it is not the primary attraction of level 4. The rocks that form the falls are particularly well shaped for sliding into the falls. It can be dangerous, however, as taking the wrong path over the rock (in the heaviest water flow) can result in serious spinal injuries.

Again, some of the smaller features were the most beautiful. Here is a small pool that is just below level 4, and a series of small falls just below level 5.


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