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Burma photo.

July, 2004

Burma photo.
Mahamuni Paya

— Mahamuni Paya Temple

Mahamuni Paya is the most popular temple in Mandalay. At its center is a large Buddha image which was brought here from Rakhaing State in the 18th century. It may be as much as 2,000 years old. The image is heavily covered in gold leaf. Only men are allowed into the central chamber to see, and touch, the Buddha. Women must remain outside.

Here are some more photos of the temple:

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Burma photo.
Dama Ceti

— Naha Lakamarazein Kuthodaw Pagoda

This pagoda contains a Buddha image at the end of a lovely entrance and passageway, but its most interesting feature is the "book" of Buddhist texts inscribed on marble tablets. Each tablet is enclosed in a small temple called a dama ceti (see photo at left). There are a total of 729 marble tablets, each inscribed on both sides.

There is a second pagoda within a few meters with even more inscribed tablets. We never learned its name. Here are some photos:

Burma photo.
Teak roof carving

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— Shwe In bin Kyaung Monastery

This monastery was built of teak wood in 1895. It was commisioned by wealthy Chinese jade merchants to "make merit" and, probably, to show off their wealth and status. The roof cornices, doors, columns, and balustrades are heavily carved, and quite elegant. Over a century of weather has softened the details in the carvings, but they are still beautiful. Here is Jamie enjoying the quiet beauty of the monastery.



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