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This is the most recent Journal entry, a brief description of what we are doing and some information about the places we are visiting. Past Journals are listed in the Archive Index. We also try to prepare a separate article each month on what we think will be a topic of interest. These are found by following the appropriate link in each month's Journal, or by checking the index.

January, 2010: Walt Disney World, Orlando, FL

We have spent the month of January at the Fort Wilderness Campground in Walt Disney World. This is our fourth month here, and our last. We have had a great time, spent many days at the theme parks, and many more days doing other things. All in all, it has been a great place to spend the winter.

Jim has taken some photos of the World Showcase at EPCOT. The World Showcase consists of pavillions that showcase 11 countries from around the world. The pavillions surround a small lake and are designed to look like the traditional architecture of each country. Some are quite ornate and very interesting. Here are a few of Jim's photos:

Spaceship Earth   |   totem pole   |   door frame   |   roof detail   |   roof detail
lamp fixture   |   building interior   |   Torii gate   |   building exterior   |   statue
frieze   |   statue   |   statue   |   pagoda

Our favorite experiences have been the smaller, more intimate encounters rather than the theme park rides. One of our most memorable events was "Dining with a Disney Imagineer." We had lunch with an imagineer at the Brown Derby restaurant at the Hollywood Studios theme park. It was a wonderful meal, served over about a two-hour period. We were part of a group of 12 people who asked questions and talked with an imagineer. Our first lunch was with the art director for the Magic Kingdom. Our second lunch was with a lighting designer. In both cases, we had a marvelous time and learned a lot about Walt Disney World. The other people at the lunches were all Disney fans and contributed a great deal to the experience.

We will no longer be updating our web site. We hope you have enjoyed visiting with us as much as we have enjoyed your company. Best wishes to you all.

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Jim Richter (22 April 1947 - 22 August 2017)

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After a swift decline, Jim died at home in the summer of 2017.
Jamie still lives in their apartment in San Diego and may be reach by email or post.

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Jim's only sibling, Lois Richter, lives in Davis, California, with her husband Jim Drummond. Their parents are also gone -- Elmer P Richter (1912-2008) and Eunice W (Jerred) Richter (1916-2014).

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