2007 Journal Archive

April, 2007: Woodland, California

It is spring again in Northern California. Jim's job now includes more work outside, as people begin using the outdoors again. This month he has been doing playground safety inspections in the City parks, and has used the opportunity to take some photos along the way. Here are a few of them:

slide   |   climber   |   dragon   |   ship   |   bleachers

Each April, the Woodland Library Rose Club has an annual tour of their members' gardens to show off their flowers. They also raise money to support the public rose gardens that surround the Woodland library. It has become a routine for them to invite Jim to check out their gardens before the tour. He looks for any hazards that might cause injury to people who visit the gardens during the tour. Jim seldom finds anything dangerous, but it provides another excuse to take photos.

Here are some flowers from the fabulous gardens of the Woodland Library Rose Club:

f. j. grootendorst   |   simply marvelous   |   iris   |   columbine   |   hot cocoa   |   brass band
yellow rose   |   roses with bee   |   lavender   |   albutalon   |   nandina domestica

Well, that's it for April. We hope to have some more photos for you soon. Thanks for visiting.

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November, 2007: Woodland, California

Jim has taken part in two recent trips here in Northern California. On October 13th, members of the Woodland Camera Forum were invited to take photos at the Marshall Gold Discovery State Historic Park in Coloma, California. Each year, the Park hosts a re-enactment of life in California in 1848, when gold was discovered here. Some of our photos will be used by the Park for publications, advertisements, etc.

Here are some of Jim's photos of the re-enactors:

portrait 1   |   portrait 2   |   portrait 3   |   portrait 4   |   portrait 5

On November 3rd, the Towe Auto Musem sponsored a field trip to visit a private collection of Pierce-Arrow automobiles. Pierce-Arrow made automobiles from 1901 to 1938. During most of that period, they were considered one of the best luxury cars available in the United States. The company, like other luxury car makers, was hit hard by the depression and finally went bankrupt in 1938. The cars they made at the very end were among their best.

Jim took photos of the cars, and tried to capture some of the little details that defined the quality and luxury of the Pierce-Arrow. Here are some photos of a few of those details from these very elegant automobiles:

front end   |   headlight   |   horn   |   wheel   |   mascot   |   mascot   |   steering wheel
engine compartment   |   marker light   |   headlight

In December, we plan to take a trip to the East Coast of the United States. We should have a report by the end of December. See you then.

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December, 2007: Buena Vista, Florida

On December 3rd, we flew to Florida to spend 10 days at Walt Disney World. That may sound like a long time, but we were only able to scratch the surface. Here are our reports on the Magic Kingdom, the Animal Kingdom, and Epcot.

We only spent a few hours at the Disney Hollywood Studios, and don't have a report on that park yet. We did have a great time at the "Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular". Even the exit from the show was interesting. Here is a tank that was guarding the path. And we shared a great Cobb salad at the Brown Derby restaurant.

We had a wonderful time, and will surely return for another visit as soon as we can. We have some additional photos of Walt Disney World in our Photo Gallery.

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