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Jackfruit tree photo.
Jackfruit tree
Preparing jackfruit photo.
Preparing jackfruit
Jackfruit photo.
Jackfruit for sale

The jackfruit is huge. Some specimens can weigh over 100 pounds, though most are smaller. It is unlikely that you would ever purchase an entire jackfruit, unless you were preparing for a large party. The fruit contains a white central core surrounded by yellow fruit sections, each containing a light brown seed.

The jackfruit we saw in Thailand were smaller than the Philippine variety. They also grew on very short stalks, and appeared to be growing directly from the trunk of the tree. We did not see jackfruit for sale in the markets during our summer visit — they must have been out of season.

The fruit is usually sectioned in the market, with the individual pieces of fruit sold in plastic bags. The flesh has a crisp texture, with a strong, sweet flavor. Again, it is difficult to describe this fruit's very distinctive flavor. We enjoy purchasing jackfruit from a street vendor after dinner at a restaurant. It makes an excellent dessert.

The seeds can be eaten after cooking. They can be boiled in salted water, or roasted like a chestnut. One of the yachties here has made a jackfruit pie using roasted (and ground) jackfruit seeds to make the crust.

Market and storage tips — Buy fruit sections in plastic bags at the market or from street vendors. Although the fruit sections will keep for many hours without refrigeration, it is best to buy fruit that has been recently opened. This is not a fruit that you could expect to carry aboard for an extended cruise.


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