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Photo of fruit market.

Tropical Fruits

of Southeast Asia

This is a guide to the tropical fruits of southeast Asia. It contains information about buying, storing, and eating some of the many wonderful fruits of this region. We have also provided the local names in 4 languages. It is still under construction, as some of the fruits have been out of season during the time Jim was preparing this article. We hope you will find it useful. Click on the picture (or on the name in the index below) to view each fruit's page.

Banana. Coconut. Custard apple. Dragonfruit. Duku/Langsat. Durian. Jackfruit. Lime. Mango. Mangosteen. Melon. Papaya. Pineapple. Ramabutan. Salak. Sapodilla. Soursop. Star apple. Star fruit. Water apple.


Banana  |   Coconut  |   Custard apple  |   Dragon Fruit  |   Duku/Langsat

Durian  |   Jack Fruit  |   Lime  |   Mango  |   Mangosteen

Melon  |   Papaya  |   Pineapple  |   Rambutan  |   Salak

Sapodilla  |   Soursop  |   Star apple  |   Star Fruit  |   Water apple


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