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Negros Oriental

A brief photo tour of southern Negros Island

January, 2003

A beach in southern Negros.
Beach (55k)
Caribao plowing a rice paddy.
Caribao (84k)
Rice fields.
Rice fields 78k)
Harvesting rice.
Rice Harvest (100k)
Threshing the rice.
Threshing the rice (80k)
Preparing rice to be transplanted.
Transplanting the rice (87k)
Sugar worker housing.
Sugar worker housing (80k)
Sugar harvest.
Sugar harvest (86k)
Sugar harvest.
Sugar harvest (98k)
Loading a sugar truck.
Sugar truck (73k)
Fishing nets.
Fishing nets (83k)
Fish market.
Fish market (80k)
Mangroves at low tide.
Mangrove (105k)
Ne-Ar-Ne dock photo.
Ne-Ar-Ne Dock (65k)
Delivering beer and soft drinks.
Beer truck (80k)
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