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Kookoo's Nest

April, 2004

Stairway photo.
1. The stairway entrance
Jamie & Nikki.
2. Jamie & Nikki
Family cottage photo.
3. The family cottage
Beach photo.
4. Relaxing on the beach

One of our favorite places is the Kookoo's Nest Resort, located here in southern Negros Oriental. Named for the local kookoo birds, the resort is built on a narrow beach carved out of the cliffs of the Antulang Peninsula. Access from the highway is by a picturesque stairway (photo #1) winding down from the road above. Kookoo's Nest is owned and operated by Jamie and Nikki Ingram (photo #2), an English couple who took over the resort about 3 years ago.

The resort has 4 native style cottages (photo #3) hidden among the palm trees along their very private beach. (See the panorama below. You can barely see the cottages.) The cottages are built largely of bamboo and roofed with nipa palm fronds. They are light and airy; the perfect place for this warm climate. Although mosquitos are seldom much of a problem, each bed is furnished with a mosquito net to keep them at bay. Kookoo's Nest is a perfect place to relax (photo #4) and enjoy a book or a nap.

Jamie and Nikki put a lot of thought and care into the operation, going so far as to have a worker climb the palm trees regularly to remove the coconuts and dead fronds so that they will not fall on anyone. The cottages are furnished simply, but comfortably.

In addition to the beach and relaxing atmosphere, Kookoo's Nest offers a variety of water activities. They provide several PADI diving classes and take their guests diving at their interesting house reef and at nearby underwater reserves. The snorkelling is great, and they also can provide a kayak for exploring the nearby sights.

One of the greatest attributes of Kookoo's Nest is the food. Nikki is a professional caterer for touring rock bands in Europe, and she has created a wonderful restaurant for the resort. She uses locally available foods cooked to Western tastes. There is an extensive breakfast and lunch menu, and the evening meal is a sumptuous buffet that changes daily. We enjoy a great dinner at Kookoo's Nest whenever we can.

Jim has been helping create a new website for Kookoo's Nest. It is nearly finished now, and you can check it out at www.kookoosnest.com.ph. We think it's worth seeing.

If you would like to visit the Kookoo's Nest, they can probably find an empty hammock (and a cottage) just for you. The best time to visit is from the beginning of November to the end of May. During the summer, the onshore winds make diving and other water activities difficult or impossible. You can contact Jamie & Nikki at:

Jamie & Nikki Ingram
Kookoo's Nest Resort, PO Box 106, Dumaguete
6200 Negros Oriental, Philippines

(intl) + 63 - 919 - 695 - 8085
(local) 0919 - 695 - 8085

Website: www.kookoosnest.com.ph
E-mail to info@kookoosnest.com.ph
or kookoosnest2@yahoo.co.uk

Kookoo's Nest panorama.

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