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COCOwalk Café.

COCOwalk Café

Tagbilaran City
Bohol, Philippines

Violeta (Violy) Holzapple and her staff run the COCOwalk Café. They are located at Mac Jac on the Green, a food court in Tagbilaran City, just a block from the main square. Violy sells mostly traditional Filipino dishes, but she also makes American style pies and cakes. The menu changes every day, so you never know ahead of time what to expect, though everything is well prepared. The prices are very reasonable; rice, a staple at every Filipino meal, and 3 or 4 main dishes will come to just over $1.00. Even with pie and imported coffee, we seldom spend more than $2.00 per person for lunch. They also do catering; here is the food they served for our 4th of July party.

Violy let me come in one morning to take photos of the food they had prepared for that day's lunch. — Enjoy.

Pork Hamonada. Choriso Sausage. Beef Bow Saw. Fish in Black Bean Sauce. Fried Fish. Chicken Choriso. Grilled Fish. Fried Eggplant. Pancit Canton. Pak Bit. Monggo Soup. Seaweed. More Seaweed. Ampalaya pancit.

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