"Saved by Bedbugs"
by Howdy [Walter E.] Howard

Howdy 2003 Howdy's autobiography, Saved by Bedbugs, contains over 300 pictures which are printed very small. Lois thought it was a shame that readers of that book could not get the full impact of Howdy's many fine photos; so she has created this website to offer you a larger flavor of Howdy's travels.
This web collection of Howdy's photos are ordered approximately the same as are the images in "Saved by Bedbugs" — which we encourage you to read!
The only photos included which ARE NOT creations of Howdy are the historical ones (his ancestors), some that he is in (although he even took some of those with a timer!), a Korean wedding duck, the College Park house, and the coyote portrait.
We hope you enjoy the show! If you have comments or suggestions about this website, please write to or call 530-902-0209.
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NOTE: The publisher is out of business. All remaining copies are with Lois.
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Photo Details:

  • Howdy' slides — some over 60 years old — were scanned at very high resolution, and recorded onto CDs

  • The resulting digital images were "cleaned up" by
    In addition to digitally removing dust, scratches, and discoloration; Lois sometimes cropped, blurred, sharpened, adjusted levels, or otherwise clarified images. Because Howdy has such a fine photographer's eye, frequently she just sighed "Ahhhh..." and saved the image unchanged. Howdy sat through every session, and had veto power over every proposed modification. His images remain completely HIS.

  • Each photo produced at least four image files — one small to be printed in the book, one giant for printing as a larger photo, and two to go onto the web -- medium and thumbnail.

  • Copyright for each image is noted on its gallery page. Almost all photos here are copyrighted by Howdy Howard but may be considered for use by others

  • This web project uses greatly reduced images. If you wish to publish one of Howdy's photos in your magazine or book, contact about getting the larger TIF file for printing. (Or phone Lois at 530-902-0209.)