Caliquette & Sandy


    Caliquette (mama) and her baby Sandy

    Sandy was the color of a paper bag -- or my arm!

    Although he seems calm when sleeping, this was one bouncy baby boy!  He would "hunt" his kibble by flinging one piece out of the bowl and playing scrabble with it around the kitchen floor.  when that piece was beaten, he'd gleefully munch it down and stalk another piece. 

photos taken 11/1994

    Caliquette got her name because she was so very small and such a delicate faded calico color.  We decide a diminutive suffix (ette) was appropriate.  [kali-KET]

    Cali and Sandy are now both angel kitties.  Both of them came to us (from the SPCA) with 'feline aids' and lived here less than a year.   Even though they were not with us very long, they left a lasting impression in our hearts.

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