Birding Takes Off!

"Birding" or "Birdwatching"
Whatever you call it — this is one of the fastest-growing hobbies in the world.

    Whether you prefer the calm delight of seeing wonderful birds in your own backyard,
    or the excitement of traveling to distant places to view exotic creatures;

    Whether you improve your health by using an office birdfeeder to help reduce your stress,
    or use your health to trek the wilderness and climb with the eagles;

    Whether you prefer admiring the lovely feather patterns,
    or sleuthing out hidden nests,
    or trying to get the largest list of personal sightings;

    Birding has something for almost everyone!

If you like to watch birds, below are some resources which might interest you:

"Field Guides" — Printed books to help you ID the birds.

On-line help in identifying birds.
N.America, by photo —
N.America, scientific description —

How to do it — a beginner's guide.

Local clubs and national groups — finding others who share your pleasures.

Birding "lists" are email discussion groups.

Conferences and gatherings — an easy way to get expert guidance.

CBC (Christmas Bird Count) is in a class by itself — you can advance science by spending a winter day birding!

Expeditions, field trips, and destinations — on your own or with a guide.

Other resources:

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