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"Davis Garden Show"

Don Shor & Lois Richter co-host, Thursdays@Noon

Don Shor and Lois Richter talk about gardening every Thursday at Noon on the low-power FM station, KDRT (K-dirt). This series is also known as Gardening West of the Causeway -- the location of Davis, California, in relation to Sacramento -- because it grew out of a local television series by that name. (The DCTV series, usually cablecasted Mondays at 9:00 pm, has Lois Richter as host with Don Shor as expert guest.)

"Davis Garden Show" provides plant tips and patter from a dynamite duo.
Copyright (℗&©) 2005, Don Shor & Lois Richter.
Author: Don Shor, DavisGardenShow[a]gmail[dot]com
Webmaster: Lois Richter, Lois[a]DCN[dot]org

logo "Davis Garden Show" ... 2006

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Episodes from January 2006 on

Files range from 26-29M in size; each is about an hour long.

logo "Davis Garden Show" ... 2005 Fall

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Episodes from October thru December 2005

Files range from 26-29M in size; each is about an hour long.

logo "Davis Garden Show" ... 2005 Summer

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Episodes from July thru September of 2005

logo "Davis Garden Show" ... 2005 Early

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Episodes from February thru June of 2005, The first episode was broadcast on 27 January 2005, but there was no recording made of that show. These early months often had "technical difficulties" and several shows were un-recorded or taped off a staticky radio. What episode files exist from those early months will be included here.

"That's Life"

Lois Richter, Thursdays@1:00pm
This weekly one-hour, call-in series finds Lois interviewing local personalities from northern California on Davis' low-power station, KDRT (K-dirt), 101.5 FM. Topics range widely.

"That's Life" can be a show about anything.
Copyright (℗&©) 2005, Lois Richter.
Author and webmaster: Lois Richter, Lois[a]DCN[dot]org

logo "That's Life" ... 2005-2006

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Episodes from May 2005 thru current

Files range from 26-29M in size; each is about an hour long.

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"Davis Garden Show"
All episodes hosted by Don Shor &/or Lois Richter.

For links to episodes of the Davis Garden Show after 8 June 2006, go to

April - June 2006
08 June 2006, (27.5M) Tomato disorders, weeds, and more!....
01 June 2006, (28M) Getting ready for summer!....
25 May 2006, (28M) Watering, vegetables, and more!....
18 May 2006, (28M) Watering, vegetables, and more!....
11 May 2006, (28M) Warm spring days!....
04 May 2006, (28M) Summer vegetables and more!....
27 April 2006, (28M) Summer vegetables and more!....
20 April 2006, (28M) Spring weather at last!....
13 April 2006, (28M) and more rain (sigh again)....
06 April 2006, (28M) more rain (sigh)....

January - March 2006
30 Mar 2006, (28M) rain, rain, go away....
23 Mar 2006, (28M)
16 Mar 2006, (28M)
09 Mar 2006, (28M) stormy weather, spring on hold!
02 Mar 2006, (27.3M)
23 Feb 2006, (27.3M)
16 Feb 2006, (27.5M) Cold again!
09 Feb 2006, (26.5M) Early warm spell...
02 Feb 2006, (26.5M) Groundhog Day...
26 Jan 2006, (26.5M) pruning roses, fruit trees
19 Jan 2006, (27.5M)
12 Jan 2006, (27.5M)
05 Jan 2006, (26.5M) winter gardening

logo October - December 2005
15 Dec 2005, (27M) rose pruning and winter gardening
08 Dec 2005, (27M)
01 Dec 2005, (27M)
17 Nov 2005, (27M)
03 Nov 2005, (27M)
27 Oct 2005, (27M)
20 Oct 2005, includes an interview with UCDavis Arboretum's Superintendent Warren Roberts! (27M)
06 Oct 2005, (27M)
logo July-Sept. 2005 (some still being transcribed)
22 Sept 2005, (25M)
01 Sept 2005, (25M)
04 Aug 2005, Don interviews Ruth Williams from "Tree Davis". (Lois is gone.) (27M)
28 July 2005, (27M)
21 July 2005, (27M)
14 July 2005, (27M)
logo Earliest shows = Feb-June 2005 (still being transcribed)

logo"That's Life" — interviews by Lois Richter (newest at top)
15 December 2005 thru 27 January 2006: These shows cannot be podcast because they were all commercial music - - mostly Hawaiian and oldies.

8 December 2005: Dr. Mark Helmus, an optometrist in Davis, answers all Lois' questions about eyes. What are the various opt---professionals? Why can some people see better near and others better far? What is dyslexia? Astigmatism? Can any of those things be fixed? What diseases of the eye are common? Can they be prevented? How does our eye change as we age? What techniques to help us see better or longer are being researched now? This hour-long interview is packed full of interesting information - - and a few laughs. (27M)

1 December 2005: Birding expert Mary Schiedt tells up about participating in the "Christmas Bird Count" (CBC), a national research project which has gone on for over 100 years. The Yolo Audubon Society is seeking volunteers to help with its one-day event to count all the birds in a particular area - - the same area is counted each year so that researchers will have good comparison data. Our 'count circle' is near Winters, and dozens of Davis residents turn out to help. Other CBCs in Northern California happen on other days. (25M)

24 November 2005 = station closed for Thanksgiving (prior show repeated)
17 November 2005 = short intro, then repeat of 13 October 2005 [Guest cancelled at the last minute.]
10 November 2005: Birding in Davis in the winter is my favorite sport! Setting up a feeding station for our winter visitors is easy - - and so rewarding. Did you know some birds migrate up-and-down instead of north-and-south? It's true! Lois shares some tips for attracting wintering birds to the backyard, and tell us what we might expect to see there. She also describe how to get to nearby locations where we can see the swans, geese, ibis, and many other shorebirds and waterfowl that 'winter' here in Yolo County. (25M)

27 October 2005: Lois interviews Sarah Cohen, an actor/performer who graduated from UCDavis. She and Lois met during the California Governor's Recall Election where they both worked at the same polling place. Sarah is now performing her one-woman show, "Shakeaspeare on Request", at the Davis Art Center and the Palms Playhouse. (27M)

13 October 2005: Lois interviews Autumn Labbe-Renault, organizers of the "LPFM Radio Roundup" hosted October 8-9 by KDRT (101.5 FM) in Davis, California. [This is only the interview portion of the show, because we do not have licensing for Internet distribution of this commercial music ~~ lots of Hawaiian drumming and singing.] (15M, 33 minutes)

Below is a collection of 4 interviews (#0-#4) aimed at helping voters (including me!) decide how to vote on "Measure X" on the November 2005 ballot in Davis — that is, the Covell Village Project
[Covell Village #0]: Lois' brief (3-minute) description of what topics were covered in which interview. Made after the fact. (2M)
25 August 2005 [Covell Village #1]: guests Katherine Hess and Bill Emlin talk about the current status of the City and its utilities; explain the various definitions regarding issues (such as traffic and housing) which might affect one's choice; and provide other basic information needed for listeners to ask intelligent questions regarding Measure X and Covell Village in the November election. (30M)
1 September 2005 [Covell Village #2]: guest Mike Corbett, a long-time Davis resident and the designer of Covell Village, answers questions about why he supports Covell Village and explains why he urges us to vote YES on Measure X in the November election. (26M)
8 September 2005 [Covell Village #3]: guest Ken Wagstaff, a long-time Davis resident and former City council member, answers questions about why he opposes Covell Village and explains why he urges us to vote NO on Measure X in the November election. (25M)
18 August 2005 [Covell Village #0]. Lois shares her plans for three future shows. (Short, 6 minute segment was first part of show. Main segment below.) (3M)

18 August 2005: Reading from 'The Girl Who Ran Away'. Plus piano music by Margie Adam. (This is the main segment of the show. A portion was removed from the front.) (25M)

11 August 2005: Zo Toby is an advocate for changing the Davis election system to "Choice Voting" (aka ranked voting or proportional representation). (25M)

4 August 2005, repeated 23 June show with guest Anne Hance. (because Lois was gone to PYM then)

21 July 2005: guest Pam Green talks about Dog Rescue. (26M)

23 June 2005: guest Anne Hance talks about Explorit! (aka Davis Science Center). (28M)

26 May 2005, my first show of current series! — This recording includes the tail end of the preceding timeslot with Don Shor. (Unfortunaltely, the station was not regularly capturing shows at that time, so this is a poor quality recording captured off a noisy radio.) (28M)