"Let Me Die Laughing"

Do you remember a special person who laughed a lot?

Is there some final joke you'll never forget?

Have you read a tombstone that made you snicker?

Add your story! reddot

We are collecting material for a book about

reddot Humor and how it helped someone live better or longer.

reddot How you, your family, your friends laughed about dying.

... or instead of dying.

reddot Someone's last joke.

reddot Humor beyond the grave -- wills & epitaphs that help you smile.

Inspired by my parents, whose laughter helped our family live longer and better; this book will be an anthology of English-language stories, jokes, and help-you-to-live humor from people all over the world.

Include* your story by sending it to:


Lois Richter
P.O. Box 7
Davis CA 95617-0007

All contributions will be considered by the editor, Lois Richter.

If your anecdote is used, you will be listed as a contributor in the book.

*No promise is made that all submissions will be included; nor that your particular story will be published unaltered.
The editor will have sole discretion to choose, edit, combine, condense, and order material to make the book the best she can.

Once completed, all or part of the final book will be distributed by some online method -- WWWebsite, listserv, or email-reply.